Vat Heaters

The primary purpose of vat heaters is to heat liquids or substances stored in large tanks or vats. These heaters are specifically designed to regulate and increase the temperature of the liquid, ensuring it meets the specific temperature needs of various processes.

Standard Stock Vat Heaters

We have some standard stock vat heater options that are available for next-day delivery or same-day collection. Meaning you can replace or upgrade your heating system in as little as 24 hours.

For 40 years, IEE has been supplying vat heaters for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users with a quality service. Three-phase heaters can be readily assembled for the same quick delivery or collection options.

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Metal Sheathed Vat Heater Stock

We supply our vat heaters in two materials, including titanium and stainless steel. The product wattage range will vary depending on the phase selected. For a single-phase product, the wattage will include the following.
KWHeated Lenght INSHeated Lnegth MMOverall Length INSOverall Length MM

Three Phase Wattage Range

Our three-phase vat heaters are available in the following wattages with a choice of titanium or 316L stainless steel.

  • 6KW
  • 9KW
  • 12KW
  • 18KW

We offer tailored vat heating options for a variety of tank depths. If you’d like a more bespoke fit, we can shorten the immersed length for shallower vat tanks.

Vat Heater FAQs

You can find out more about our vat heating products below. If you have any questions or would like to place an order for delivery or collection, visit our contact us page.

In addition to our large holding of ready-to-ship standard stock, we can also offer bespoke heating systems that are adjusted to your specific needs. Our team will also be there to offer aftercare solutions to ensure your order lasts for its maximum lifespan.

Our expert team are capable of providing additional advice and information on the type of vat heating system you need and how to install and clean it; however, we don’t offer installation as a service.

We have standard stock vat heaters and some three-phase vat heaters that can be shipped for next-day delivery or collected from our Staffordshire premises on the same day.

Vat heaters are utilised across a number of industries, such as oil refinement, construction, cleaning, engineering, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage production, storage and sewage treatment. If you’re unsure if our vat heaters are the right product for you, then please get in touch.

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