Formed Elements

Formed Elements

At IEE, we have a large stock of Incoloy, or stainless steel sheathed mineral-insulated elements. Formed elements can be formed quickly to suit most applications and made available for delivery or collection.

In addition to our standard stock specification of 8mm Incoloy elements with 2″ and 6″ cold ends, we also offer alternative diameters of 6.5mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 11mm and 12mm.

These require a special order and will increase lead time. Sheath materials for our formed elements included Incoloy, stainless steel 304 and 316L.

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There’s an endless list of uses for formed elements, and in the last 40 years, we’ve constantly adapted and developed new forms to meet demands.

Some of the most common uses include deep fat fryers, waffle platen heaters, air conditioning heaters, molten metal pot heaters, dishwasher elements and large platen heaters.

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Formed Elements FAQs

We’ve worked with businesses in all kinds of industries and have plenty of experience making the perfect elements for each situation. Just give us some information about your needs and business and we’ll be able to create the ideal formed elements.

We don’t offer a recycling service, but if you let us know the specification of your old element, we’ll be able to provide a brand-new version to slot straight in.

We offer next-day delivery of our standard stock or same-day collection. If you require alterations this will cause some delay but can usually be made relatively quickly.

For completely bespoke designs it’s best to speak with a member of our team for an estimated delivery date.

We build our elements to last years, decades in some cases. With proper cleaning and routine maintenance you can keep your elements performing well. The frequency of use and the usage purpose will also have some say on longevity.

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If you have a specific formed element design you require, we are pleased to offer assistance. IEE will also design and make a bespoke element to meet your requirements if our standard shapes aren’t suitable. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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