We have a comprehensive range of industrial heating elements available, to cater for all commercial sectors. Browse our service categories and then contact our team to discuss your requirements.


Straight Length Rod Heaters

Straight rod heaters, also known as rod-shaped or tubular heaters, are electric heating elements that are cylindrical in shape and typically consist of a resistive heating wire or coil encased in a metal sheath.

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Flange Heaters

Built-for-purpose after consulting data in graphs, corrosion charts and computer-aided design (CAD) to ensure effective and efficient application specific to each customer.

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Vat Heaters

Browse our range of standard stock vat heaters or get in touch with us to discuss more specific requirements.

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Brewery Heaters

Our brewery heating elements range from suitable standard designs to custom-made immersion heaters.

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red duct

Duct Heaters

We offer a bespoke data-driven design to meet your industry requirements for maximum effectiveness.

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Formed Elements

We can create a variety of shapes suitable for many heating applications as well as offer some standard options.

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A widely used method for heating liquids and substances efficiently in tanks or vats.

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Bolt Heaters/Tie Rod Heaters

The primary use of bolt heaters is for preheating bolts or studs on heavy machinery and equipment. To ensure bolts don’t come loose under immense pressure, a high concentration of heat is used to aid the tightening of the bolts.

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